Trying Homelight

Find a Realtor? Yep, Homelight worked for us

Amidst endless forms I was filling out online for mortgage lenders, I took a break to find a Realtor to work with.  I spent some time Googling, “how to find a realtor” but was increasingly frustrated.  To find someone, I had to navigate endless agency websites only to find form websites for each agent.  How was I going to find a real person to work with?

Then I stumbled upon the website Homelight.  The free service claims to use data to make matches between home buyers and sellers and quality agents in the area.  I was all ready to enter my information and see what popped up, but took a minute to read some reviews.  Highya did a pretty comprehensive explanation of the service and its process, and confirmed, yes, this really all is free.  So I gave it a whirl.

In the end, I suppose my Homelight process just led me to a random happy accident, but at the very least, we had one less thing to worry about in the process.

To signup, I simply had to answer a few questions – what city or zip code was I home searching in?  What type of property was I looking for?  The list here was pretty comprehensive, including single family, condos, townhouses, mobile homes, commercial properties and even vacant lots.

I entered our rough budget and an estimate for when we actually wanted to purchase.  

Getting Homelight results

I hit submit and waited.  The email confirmation took a while to come through, and it took a couple of hours for the program to spit back a couple of matches.

The one thing I was disappointed about was the number of matches – I only got two back.  But in hindsight, I take this as a plus.  I only had to contact two people to find the right person to work with and the area we were shopping in was relatively small, compared to the city we live in.

One of my matches I hadn’t heard of before and I reached out with an email.  The other was an agent whose name I had stumbled across in the listing on Zillow.  I messaged him as well and nearly instantly heard back from both (Realtors work on commission, ah yes).

Making a choice

The first agent was pleasant and set us up with a house portal to review listings that afternoon but fell into the category of, “you don’t need to see houses yet” given our rough timeline.  The second introduced himself as the buyer agent for the Realtor I contacted and said, “let me know which houses you want to see and I’ll set it up.”

A house-shopping green light.  Exactly what we were looking for.

I did meet with another agent who was recommended by a lender we were working with, but in the end, our Homelight match was the perfect person for us – knowledgeable, relaxed, ready for whatever I asked for.  With his experience in the area we learned a lot about the various neighborhoods and how to compare prices and features.  He also had great relationships with our home inspection team and more.

While several parts of the home buying process gave my heart palpitations, finding a Realtor was easy as pie with Homelight.

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